Lembas Days 4 and 5 – Questions Answered

Drinking Lembas has become part of my routine and if I continue with my usual posts of what time I drink it and my 2 hours of workout, it’s going to get boring.

Just one out-of-the-usual thing happened: I met with 2 of my YTT classmates after Tuesday evening yoga class. It was kind of late, we just wanted to talk so I supped on Lembas while they ate.


Like we didn’t just say goodbye 2 days ago…

With that out of the way, let’s get to answering some questions:

  • What does it taste like?
    • It smells like the just-add-water type of Quaker oats with some coconut mixed in. The taste is like Quaker too: very milky, more on the sweet side, but Lembas is just a tad salty.
  • Are you sponsored by Lembas?
    • I am not. I got it at a discounted price for this experiment. I paid for my Lembas and I’m paying for the 2 blood tests, which is quite expensive by the way!
  • Don’t you feel hungry all the time?
    • I don’t. It may be just me and my background in dieting, where I used to drink lukewarm water or green tea whenever I got hungry. YMMV.
  • Is it very filling then?
    • It’s not. It feels like a light meal, and I am able to do yoga or work out after having just drank it. But it’s not easy to drink it all in a few minutes, because of the thick consistency.
  • Do you feel more lethargic compared to when you ate human food?
    • I feared that I would feel weaker because it’s “liquid”, but surprisingly I have the same levels of energy. As for the post-meal food coma or the “rest-and-digest” mode, I don’t feel it with Lembas.
  • Won’t you miss chewing on food?
    • I do. I do.
  • With all the working out, do you still drink protein?
    • Nope. The protein shake I take has 22g per serving, and I only take it once a day. Lembas is at a close 19g per serving, which I take four times. Of course, normally it’s 22g plus the naturally occurring protein in my everyday food so I think the two should be about the same.
  • Are you consuming other stuff though?
    • Fish oil, because Lembas doesn’t provide that goodness. And coffee.
  • What’s with the “gut ecosystem” thing you mention on Day 1?
    • There have been recent scientific studies about your diet affecting your gut flora, and your gut flora causing you to be fat or thin. I’m sure it wouldn’t affect people who will only drink Lembas once a day, but for this experiment I’m just hoping my existing gut flora won’t change.
  • Did your stomach take some time to adjust to the new diet?
    • Nothing that I noticed. Although, there was this one time that my stomach hated me for when I didn’t wash my shaker between uses. You see, Lembas spoils easily once mixed with water and bad things happen when you consume spoiled food. So wash your shaker!
  • Are there more farts involved?
    • Surprisingly, I am farting a lot less than when I had human food and protein shakes.
  • Is your poop liquid now?
  • What’s the best thing about it?
    • The convenience, the effort and time saved. And not having food stuck between my teeth.
  • Anything you don’t like?
    • One thing I don’t like is the sugar content. I understand that it makes Lembas taste the way it does, but to me it’s still alarmingly high. Also, sugar is food for the bad-breath-bacteria in your mouth and if you feed it… just brush your teeth more often and don’t forget to brush your tongue!

That’s it for now, although I’m curious about how it compares to Soylent. I read that Soylent tastes terrible and gives you deadly farts. I’m going to the US next week so hopefully I can buy some and make a comparison.

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