Lembas Day 3 – Lembas Shines Again

6 AM – I have so much catching up to do for my yoga teacher training homework. Normally I would be cooking bacon and pancakes at this hour, but right now I would rather spend that time doing homework, as it is a pre-requisite for tomorrow’s graduation. Lembas to the rescue!


This is not sponsored, by the way.

7:30 AM my housemate and I leave for the gym to have our back workout.


But first, #instayoga

11 AM – I take my snack dose as usual.

12 PM – I haven’t packed for the Bintan graduation trip, so I take my Lembas to go.


Lunch outside, in the rain. Not my proudest moment.

1 PM – Kind of proud of this weekend’s onebag packing. The drone even fits in my pack.

5 PM – Heading to Tanah Merah ferry terminal. We arrive there around 9PM Singapore time, so I drink my dinner before my Uber arrives.


I must say I really appreciate this product today. If I were still dependent on normal food, I would have had to skip homework and 2 meals. Or skip homework and eat fastfood twice, which I’ve been successfully avoiding for a while now. With Lembas, I’m still able to get my RDA (is what they claim, we’ll find out after the experiment) and do the things that need to be done. So, yesterday I found out that it’s good for when you’d rather powernap instead of have a full lunch. Today, I realized it’s very convenient for when you’re rushing to do stuff.

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