Lembas Day 2 – When Lembas Shines

Another early gym day, but I overslept. The good thing is, I didn’t need to make breakfast. Because I’m doing this Lembas thing, all I needed was to take a quick shower and get ready, have my breakfast mix on the go.

7:30 AM – 2 scoops for breakfast.

Who else has breakfast at the bus stop?

10:30 AM – I had my Lembas snack, prepping to do my yoga self-practice during lunch.

12:00 PM – I decided that I was too sleepy, so I just took a nap at the pool chairs for an hour (I have 2 hours of lunch break).

1:00 PM – After my nap, I still wanted to do yoga because it was my exam piece for this coming weekend’s graduation. Now here’s the thing: if I was still eating regular food, I wouldn’t have the time for it. But since Lembas just takes me a few minutes to “eat”, I have time.


2:00 PM – I have Lembas for lunch, then time to get some work done.

5:30 PM – I’m feeling hungry again so I take a snack dose.

Now here comes dinner time. I was meeting some friends over dinner and it was a hard decision to make: drink Lembas while they have dinner? Or… eat dinner with them? I take a look at the package:

Let’s Live.

Lembas is made so that we can enjoy the things that are important to us, and not be burdened with the time-taking practice of preparing and eating food. In this case, eating food with my friends wasn’t “time-taking”, it was actually my evening’s agenda. So I decided to enjoy dinner with my friends.

Catching up!

Today, I think I understood what Lembas is for, and what it’s not for. Lembas is for when you need nourishment, but your time is better spent on higher priority items. In my case it’s working out or catching up on sleep. Lembas is not good for when you’re out with friends and you want to have fun with them. Eating is part of the social interaction, and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice that.

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