The Lembas Experiment – Day 1

So Lembas finally launched in Singapore, and I got my supply yesterday.


Banana for scale

What is Lembas? Lembas is like meals in powder form. You mix it with water, drink it, and that’s 500 calories worth of a full meal.

Yes, it’s like Soylent. Here are its per-serving contents:


I wanted to experiment if I can live purely off of Lembas, just for a few days. To be more scientific about it, I fasted last night, and got my blood tests done this morning.


Other results pending

A bit of background:

PROFILE: 29 years old / Male

JOB: Programmer / Part-time Yoga Teacher

EXERCISE: 6 days a week, not bodybuilding, just maintenance.
Mix of weight-lifting, calisthenics, and yoga.

GOALS: Not weight loss, just to find out if
Lembas is a sustainable meal replacement for people
with a profile similar to mine.

WORRIES: Muscle loss, weakening, gut ecosystem changing.

Now, on to the experiment. It says 4 servings on the packaging, so I plan to take 3 meals a day, with 2 half-servings as snacks in between.


Saying goodbye to solid food…

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM: Leg day workout, no breakfast as I’m yet to get my fasting baseline blood tests. Taking it easy.

10:40 AM: First “meal”. I had it cold, just because I’m used to having my chocolate protein shake that way. I usually have coffee around this time, but let’s see if I can last on Lembas. Tastes like milk, a bit salty which I like, with a coconut aftertaste.


There’s a free shaker, but…

11:40 AM: Not hungry, but had a half-serving of Lembas as a snack, because I’m about to have my lunchtime workout and I might need the energy.

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Handstand drills


2:00 PM: Feeling hungry, so I had my second meal, used cold water.

3:00 PM: I can’t survive without coffee, had to get myself a kopi peng. *toilet break, probably not the Lembas; coffee is a natural laxative for me*

6:00 PM: Half-serving again as a snack. I made it with warm water this time, just experimenting. I actually like it warm, it feels better in the stomach.

8:00 PM: As I’m writing this, I’m getting hungry so I’ll go have some warm Lembas now. I put 2 heaping scoops and it’s a thick porridge consistency. Should feel heavier in the stomach this time.

With this thickness, I doubt anyone can finish this in 5 minutes. More like 30, but at least it’s still “on the go”, not on a plate and doesn’t require much of my attention to consume.

If there’s 4 servings per pack, the bag should be finished by now, but I still have about 2 scoops left. My portions must be wrong. Oh well, at least I still have some for snacking later.


2 Years Ago, Before Lembas, and 2 weeks later?

My goal is to finish one bag per day, for 14 days. After the 14 days, I’ll have another set of blood tests done and we can conclude the experiment.

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