Day 6, 7, 8 – I hate Lembas. Thank God for Lembas.

Day 6

Despite waking up to an aching tooth, I started the day feeling great.

A breakfast of Lembas, while working out. But my tooth was bothering me, so I went to see the dentist. He told me I needed a root canal, but it couldn’t be done today. We scheduled it so that we can have the procedure done before my US Trip. My tooth was bothering me so hard today, and I had to take a medical leave.

This is when I hated the fact that I was on a Lembas diet. Imagine you’re hurting, you have nothing to do but rest, and you want to comfort yourself with food but you can’t. Lembas is for busy people, and today I wasn’t in that demographic.

Day 7

If you can resist your childhood snacks… HOW?

Self-soothing. One of my friends came back from vacation with my favorite childhood snack. I just couldn’t resist. I ate a lot of these chocolate wafer sticks, so I have to skip one snack dose of Lembas.

Day 8

My tooth was hurting again this time moreso, and yesterday I had a slight fever. I don’t think I could bear waiting for a root canal procedure, so I opted to have my bad tooth extracted. 

This is where I realized another perfect scenario for Lembas: the post-care procedure specifically said “Eat soft foods only.” And what softer food, than the liquid astronaut food called Lembas?

So today I didn’t have to worry about having gross food particles getting near my tooth extraction wound, nor did I have to think about what soft food to eat. Thank God for Lembas. 

Lembas Days 4 and 5 – Questions Answered

Drinking Lembas has become part of my routine and if I continue with my usual posts of what time I drink it and my 2 hours of workout, it’s going to get boring.

Just one out-of-the-usual thing happened: I met with 2 of my YTT classmates after Tuesday evening yoga class. It was kind of late, we just wanted to talk so I supped on Lembas while they ate.


Like we didn’t just say goodbye 2 days ago…

With that out of the way, let’s get to answering some questions:

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